Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My style, Her style - Lois Anne (Part 2)

Hello to my lovely readers! :)

This is the second outfit my sister styled for me. I also like this outfit because it's comfy, specially the oversized cardigan. It's just so soft like a pillow! This is also something I would wear this summer and just put on the oversized cardigan when it's so cold. I also love the high waisted shorts I'm wearing. I can't believe I bought three of them from a thrift shop for just 100 pesos! So cheap!

My sister and I will be posting our video soon! And also check out Chloe's blog :)

Oversized cardigan: from Australia
Top: Fudge Rock
Shorts: Thrift shop
Shoes: Barkins

Hope you guys like it! God bless everyone :)

~Lois Anne x

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