Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hi people!

Been MIA again, I know. -.- Sorry for that :)

I just wanna say that my summer has just been fun even though I still have summer classes. You wanna know why? :)) Well, my cousins from Australia and Manila visited us here in the province. We've been going out and doing a lot of stuff since they came here, like swimming, bowling, shopping, travelling, watching movies, EATING and a lot more. Yes, I had to capitalize those words because we've done that a lot of times. :))) And now that they went back to Australia and Manila, my sisters and I are really lonely. We just had so much fun and we miss them so much already. I think this was the best summer we've ever had. Here's a collage of photos of me with my cousins and sisters.

I have crazy cousins and sisters :)))

Btw, this is what I wore when my cousins and sisters and I went out again. That day was actually the last Saturday of my cousin from Australia here in the Philippines. I miss that girl already. 

I love how my hair looks like here :)

Top: Fudge Rock
Shorts: Forenza
Shoes: Luxe Mode

God bless everyone!

~Lois Anne x

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