Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Follow your heart.


I know I haven't been posting everyday. It's all because of school works. Yeah, blame school. HAHA! It's really difficult being a college student. :(

So enough of that. Haha! I'm pretty happy today. Just received new shoes from Luxe Mode last week! Yaaay! I got two. Two also for my sister. 

I'm really in love with the colors! One is a red Classy Jane, the other is a teal Suede. :) They're really comfy!

Here are some pictures of me wearing the red Classy Jane. I'll try posting some pics of me with the teal Suede next time! :)

Top with Cardigan: from Australia
Skirt: Mirabella
Red Classy Jane: Luxe Mode
Teal Suede: Luxe Mode

I hope you'll like this post! God bless you!

~Lois Anne

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