Friday, January 25, 2013

The Heat.


Because of the heat, my family, relatives and I decided to go to Boracay during our Christmas vacation.

It was an interesting vacation because we were stranded at the airport on our 1st day there due to heavy rain and flood. Good thing, the rain stopped and there was no more flood the next day. Boracay was nice with its white sand and scorching sun. :)

I enjoyed the water activities. We almost tried everything, just almost. :) We went snorkeling, helmet diving, fishing, riding the banana boat and the flying fish.

Even though an unexpected event happened during our three-days stay there, it was still fun because I'm with my family.

So, here are some photos of me during our last day there.

Shades: JellyBean
Top: from Australia
Ponytail used as a Bracelet: from Boracay
Shorts: Summer Salt
Sandals: Montego Bay Club
Bag: Pony

Hope you also like this post! God bless you :)

~Lois Anne

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