Sunday, March 24, 2013

My style, Her style - Chloe (Part 1)

Hi guys! I'm baaaaack! :) It has been a long time again since I posted here. Well, our finals exam came up and I became super busy. I had to study until dawn to pass all my exams. I just hope that I pass all of them. To all my viewers or readers out there, would you pretty please pray for me? That I'd pass. It would be a great help. :) Being a pharmacy student is really difficult. I have to know a lot about drugs and chemistry!

So, back to the photos. You're probably wondering who's the person on the photos. Well, that's my sister! :) We decided to make a summer/spring-inspired fashion video. But there's a twist! I picked out clothes from her closet and dressed her by my style and vice versa. I really had fun doing this. We'll be posting the video soon. You can also check out Chloe's blog for the outfit details.

Hope you guys like it :) God bless everyone!

~Lois Anne x

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