Friday, July 12, 2013

High Spirits

College is exhausting.

Homework here, exams there. 

(Last Wednesday, July 10 2013)

Good thing, our schedule had some long breaks. And because of that, my friends and I thought of going to the mall before our next class. We decided to buy a drink at Starbucks but there were a lot of people and no more available tables. So, we just went to Yellow Cab for some pizza. Yumm!

I hate washing my hands here. I always forget to push the handle at the bottom instead of turning the knob. HAHA

Well, we also kinda did our homework there. :)

After that, we went back to school for our 5-8 PM class. It was our laboratory class and it was our last class.

Even though we were already dead tired after a long day at school, my classmates were suddenly high spirited and even decided to take weird photos. Their happiness and wackiness affected me. It was like an ecstasy. Because of them, my exhaustion was gone. It was like, BAM! And it was gone. Get it? HAHA. If you didn't get it, I'm sorry lol

We were with our Professor (Ma'am Gen) in this photo. Sorry for the quality

I love our poses here :)
Albert with the birthday girl :)

Awkward pose right here lol

This guy wouldn't stop. He just loves to be on photos.

But WAIT! This is not yet the end of my post.

I wouldn't forget posting these photos. That day was the birthday of my close friend, Charisse Kimberly Kue. If you'll see this, Belated Happy Birthday Cha! I love you from the bottom of my heart <3

We just ate and celebrated her birthday at Chowking :) Thank you again Cha!

Longest post.

Btw, we just used my friend's Iphone because I didn't have a camera.

Sorry for not editing the photos. Lazy girl over here. Haha

I really had fun that day. Thanks to my dear college friends! :)

Hope you like this post as much as I do. God bless you!

~Lois Anne x

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