Saturday, July 13, 2013


A normal teenager would go out and party all night during Saturdays. But not for us! Exams our coming and studying is the only thing we should do. Instead of going home to the province or partying, my friends and I decided to just study in our school library. Studying would be a lot of help. Just like what Jackson Stewart said in Hannah Montana, "Studying does make it easier." :) I would never forget that line. After hours of studying, some rest would be nice. I treated myself for some comfort food in SM Manila. My friends and I ate dinner there and did some window shopping. Haha! After torturing ourselves because we didn't have enough money to buy anything, an idea came right out of my mind. Sleepover! Like what girls do during sleepovers, we took weird photos of ourselves, watched movies (World War Z and Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging)  and ate ice cream and cream puffs all night! I think we slept at 3 AM. A fun Saturday indeed! :)

Our school's empty walkway. This is the time we were going home from school. Creepy

Yes, I admit it. I'm a big fan of One Direction. :"> These our some of the posters in my room :)

Err. I had to. :">

Midnight snack :) Hmmmm

World War Z. Brad Pitt :)

Hope you like this post! God bless you :)

~Lois Anne x

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