Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sun - Day

Top: Redhead
Skirt: JellyBean
Shoes: Parisian

Mr. Sun is shining bright upon us again. Thank God for a good weather.

I know that the aftermath typhoon Yolanda did here in the Philippines were all over the news. I saw a lot of photos and videos about it. My heart broke and tears were brimming on my eyes. I actually just got back from church and our pastor mentioned about the typhoon. He led us in a prayer and we hope that the affected areas would get everything they need. My school was asking the students to give donations and I'm giving some tomorrow. A simple prayer for their safety & needs and donations to give them would be a lot help.

I know that God has a reason why this phenomena is happening in our country starting with the war in Zamboanga, then the earthquake in Bohol then this typhoon in Visayas. Maybe because we're all consumed with the world and we tend to forget that we have a God in our lives who gave us life and everything you could see in this world.  I hope we could change this and start to appreciate God more and live this wonderful life through and with His words.

Let us all continue to #PrayForThePhilippines

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